Thursday, June 28, 2012


I decided I better start writing all of this down. I really wish I had at least during our IVF cycle in January, but you know-hindsight and all.

Sometimes I still cannot believe the road we've traveled to get here. You Are Here: Defrosting our frozen embryos to transfer into my uterus ~ I would have never even put all those words into in one sentence before now.

I most definitely could never have done any of it without my husband, figuratively and literally.  He is my rock, my life and my split apart.  No matter what crazy horrible thing we encounter he can still make me laugh, make me feel loved & beautiful. 

Favorite Quote ever: “You’re not broken, you’re customized.” [After having a fallopian tube removed.]

My first few posts will be about the road thus far. Just some background so you are not lost, and so I will never forget it.  Yeah, like that would ever happen, lol.